We have over the years established ourselves in litigation practice.  Our Specialty is giving each case all the devotion by doing researches on the cases, providing advice and opinions on Kenya law. Our lawyers specialize in solving complex business disputes in expeditious and effective way as we strive to achieve the vision and mission of our law firm. We aim to provide elucidations that ensure the most favourable conclusion for our clients and which correspond to their business needs. We offer the following services to our clients:-

Commercial Transactions 

  • Defending clients’ interests in various transactions in various courts
  • Negotiating Settlement of Disputes out of court

 Labour and Employment 

  • Defending Clients’ interests at the Industrial Court of Kenya and various courts within the country
  • Advising employers on employment contracts


  • Representing real estate companies in Court over disputes with landowners

Private Equity and Venture Capital 

  • Advising clients on how to protect their interests with respect to private equity and venture capital engagements.


  • Defending and Prosecuting Insurance claims

Family Law 

  • Child Custody & Maintenance
  • Divorce
  • Matrimonial Property
  • Succession
  • Adoption and Guardianship

 Environmental and Land Law 

  • Defending claims various tribunals
  • Defending and instituting suits to realize clients’ interests in land

 Constitutional and Human Rights Law 

  • Instituting and defending petitions challenging the implementation of the constitution



About usCootow & Associates

Cootow and Associates Advocates was founded in 2006 and comprises of three senior Advocates each having a professional work experience of more than 20 years , who are able to meet and provide solutions to a wide range of legal issues and challenges throughout the Eastern Africa region and beyond.

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