Conveyancing & Property

Conveyancing & Property Expertise

Our team has a wealth of knowledge in all facets of land law and property transactions in Kenya. Whether structuring a complex development project or just assisting in the acquisition of a new home, our team takes a result oriented, strategic approach to negotiating, documenting and completing all facets of property transactions.

We focus on providing advice across the full spectrum of the commercial and residential property industry.

Some of the services we provide include:-

  • Handling Leases, Conveyances, Surrenders, Assents, Transfers, Agreements for Sale.
  • Procuring the requisite clearances and consents and facilitating registration of Transfers, Leases, Surrenders, Assents and Conveyances.
  • Perfection of Securities.
  • Drafting and facilitating registration of Legal Charges, Debentures, Partial Discharges, Deeds Release, Corporate and Individual Guarantees and Indemnities,
  • Variation of Securities, Commercial Benefit Agreements, Deeds of Rental Income, perfecting Securities for various corporate clients and advising the Lending Officers on the perfection of Securities.


About usCootow & Associates

Cootow and Associates Advocates was founded in 2006 and comprises of three senior Advocates each having a professional work experience of more than 20 years , who are able to meet and provide solutions to a wide range of legal issues and challenges throughout the Eastern Africa region and beyond.

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